Our Everett Irrigation Team Is Your Full Service Solution

Our Everett WA Irrigation team does full system inspectionsOur Everett irrigation team offers hundreds of services from simple pop up head repair to full system diagnostics and blow outs.

If your system hasn't been checked in over a year it is essential that you schedule an inspection right away. Any system that hasn't been tweaked in the last year is probably not working up to its potential.

Our preventative maintenance and optimization services will keep your system in tip-top shape and your lawn as green as possible. An optimized system will use less water to achieve the best results possible. You'll see a reduction in your water bill while still having one of the most beautiful lawns on the block.

We Offer So Much More than Sprinkler Repair

Everett sprinkler specialist fits a new sprinkler systemIf you're looking for a specific service, our Everett irrigation team does all of the following and more:

  • Sprinkler repair
  • New Installation
  • Spring/Fall tune-ups for your system
  • General Maintenance and Inspections
  • Checks and adjustments of sprinkler systems
  • Sprinkler head repair and replacement
  • Raising and lowering sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler valve replacement
  • Electronic sprinkler valve location
  • we do pop up head repair and replacementRepairing broken sprinkler pipes
  • Sprinkler controller timer replacements
  • Wiring problems
  • Coverage problems
  • Pool rerouting
  • Rain and Freeze Sensor Installation
  • Double check assembly replacements
  • Pump system installs
  • Overall landscaping
  • Masonry services

We do far more than just repair. We do landscaping, outdoor lightin and masonry work. If you are looking to take your curb appeal from ditch to rich, we've got the full service contractors to handle your needs. Our Everett irrigation contractors will take every piece of your outdoor living space and optimize it so that you can enjoy your down time without worrying about extensive maintenance. Give us a call and get an estimate on service today!

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